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Position Purpose: Perform tooling pre set-up work by gathering tools and required paperwork and placing them on the pre set-up rack for retrieval by machine set-up technicians as part of a specific effort to reduce the overall set-up time at the machines throughout the shop.

Primary Functions: Prepare tooling pre set-ups in an order dictated by the master scheduler and as manifested on specific machine schedules located in the tooling area. Make sure that set-up sheets, if available, are followed in absolute detail. Also, use machine program information as a guideline for gathering the correct tooling. When jobs are completed and tooling is returned to the tool crib, break down tooling and return to proper locations in the crib, or discard tooling that has no useful life remaining. Keep the tool crib extremely organized at all times. Assist in the ordering of tooling and in the unpacking and organizing of new tooling on an as-needed basis.

Primary Activities:

· Make sure that machine schedules are available and up to date.

· Follow exact order of jobs listed on machine schedules, unless directed to do otherwise by your supervisor.

· Obtain job traveler, set-up sheet (if available), and copy of program.

· Gather tooling as dictated by the documentation listed above.

· Pre-set tooling in tool holders to appropriate lengths and tighten tooling to appropriate torque levels, as dictated by documentation, using appropriate methods and equipment.

· Gather appropriate jaws that have been made for specific jobs where it is applicable.

· Once tooling and jaws have been gathered and tools have been properly pre-set, put all items in the provided plastic bin and place in the appropriate bin location on the pre set-up rack outside of the tool crib.

· Assist machine operators on the floor with specific tooling related issues where appropriate.

· As tooling pre set-ups are returned to the tool crib after jobs have been completed at the machines, tear down and examine tooling, clean dirty tools, put tools away if they are in good condition, and discard tools that are worn out or no longer usable. Make sure that jaws are cleaned and put in appropriate bin locations for future use.

· Unpack incoming UPS/ Fed X packages on a daily basis and put new tooling in appropriate locations. Move non-tooling related items to appropriate departments.

Specific Job Requirements:

· Tooling is to be kept in an extremely organized state at all times. The tool crib must be kept clean and organized on all three shifts (although we do not currently have a 3rd shift tool crib attendant position).

· Tooling must be pre-set accurately and in a timely fashion to ensure that jobs will be ready for set-up in accordance with published schedules.

· All tooling and jaws are expected to be kept clean and in usable condition. Nothing is to be put back into bin locations that is dirty or in otherwise poor condition.

· New tooling must be unpacked and put into appropriate locations as soon as possible upon arrival of new tooling shipments in order to ensure that pre set-ups are not delayed. Available inventory software must be utilized wherever appropriate.

· Attendants are expected to work closely with team leaders and set-up technicians in order to ensure a smooth flow of tooling and appropriate information to the shop floor. Conflicts regarding the order of pre set-up priorities should be brought to the attention of the tooling manager or the shift supervisor immediately in order to avoid machine set-up delays.

· Attendants must be capable of learning and using basic computer software programs that are necessary for the functioning of the tool crib.

· Attendants must be capable of communicating clearly and consistently with production personnel, programmers, quality personnel, and engineering personnel.

Safety Requirements:

· Attendants must be capable of lifting up to 50 pounds.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $18.00 – $20.00 per hour

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